Hello everyone!

My name is Angela and I’m 33, married and now first time mamma to a baby girl. Ever since I can remember I have always had a love and passion for animals in my life. I found out too I had a bird when I was a baby!

The types of animals that have come and gone in my life have been cats, dogs, chickens, ferrets, mice, fish, birds and horses.

To me my pets are family. They are not a “thing” and they are not livestock. I have also come to find the hard way that anything can happen and they can be gone in an instance.

I’ve had many, many heartbreaks over my lost fur babies. There are a few that really hit hard and one of them being my horse named Chance.

Chance was a very sweet older horse that at the time was recently purchased. I had only had her 3 months before tragedy struck. I took pictures of her every now and then mainly with my phone but didn’t take many professional ones because I didn’t think in 3 months she would leave me. I had shoots planned but I sadly had to say goodbye 4 hours away from home at both of our first horse show together in 2017.

She is a huge reason why I now stress to get professional photos taken for your fur babies! Please do not hesitate to do them. With our fur babies anything can happen. My goal and passion in life is to capture those cherished moments and their sweet personalities.

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